Baz Ukurem



Race: Rob has opted to be an Oread.

STR – 19
DEX – 14
CON – 10
INT – 11
WIS – 14
CHA – 7

If race changes, then these options might be more or less effective depending on new race.

Fighter: Your quintessential soldier. Really good at armed combat.

Brawler: A scrappy unarmed fighter. Very good at mixing it up without any weapons at all. Has little formal training.

Warpriest: A holy man who is dedicated to combating evil. Very survivable.

Monk: A disciplined unarmed fighter with extensive formal training. Must be lawful.

Character Notes
Background: Was on the losing side of a coup.
Personality Positive: Eternal Optimist!
Personality Draw Back: Extremely Vengeful!


Baz Ukurem

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