Hoopfin Yellowspecks



STR – 7
DEX – 18
CON – 11
INT – 10
WIS – 14
CHA – 11

Slayer: A solid all around class. Very skilled, sneak attack, and advancing in a type of combat training.
Rogue: A more skilled than slayer, but less effective in combat. Will advance in sneak attack faster.
Ranger: A skilled class, very good at fighting certain foes and in certain locations. Eventually learns some spells.
Gunslinger: This is a good fit for the traits, maybe a little difficult to manage the grit as the pool is low.

Character Notes
Background: Father disappeared and his mother took up with the village leader.
Personality Positive: Supremely Confident/Resilient
Personality Draw Back: Reckless Thrill Seeker


Hoopfin Yellowspecks

Genteel Polywogs (working title) Nilbogkard