Fronkfort Hopsalot



Hero Points: You have three hero points, so while I thought you were pretty set on Swashbuckler I wanted to point out that you have the option to select an arcane caster.

STR – 10
DEX – 14
CON – 10
INT – 11
WIS – 12
CHA – 15

Swashbuckler: A combat heavy rake (not a rogue) with a sense of style and flair.
Sorcerer: A natural spell caster with a small range of spells, but a lot of ability to cast them again and again.
Summoner: A caster who pulls creatures from other planes to do his existing. Also has a minion that is particularly bonded to him.
Oracle: A natural divine channel with a lot of ability to branch into different abilities, but at a cost.

Character Notes
Background: A credible spell caster foretold his death in the near future.
Personality Positive: Very self sacrificing.
Personality Draw Back: Distrustful of those younger than himself.


Fronkfort Hopsalot

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