Tidwell Greentrail



STR – 13
DEX – 13
CON – 7
INT – 12
WIS – 16
CHA – 9

Gunslinger is a fighter class that needs a good wisdom score, but also solid DEX.
Cleric is purely about Wisdom and pretty much a casting class.
Druid is a nature based caster/melee class. They can heal and deal damage. It might feel a little off with the victorian feel.
Shaman is a mix of witch and oracle. You have WIS spells, a spirit animal, and can hex people. But a pretty poor fighter.
Other classes that could work include: Inquisitor but the low CON would make me nervous.

Character Notes
Background: His brother was murdered by someone.
Personality Positive: Honorable to a fault.
Personality Draw Back: Lazy as hell.


Tidwell Greentrail

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