Captain Greentrail

[Dan's Character]'s older brother. He is dead.


Captain Greentail was the leader of the Scouts and played a vital part in the success of the Grippli coup. He was a strong advocate in the use of firearms to overcome the military issues faced by the small stature of the Grippli. He was also an advocate for expanding the villages into the swamps to make food collection easier and to grow the towns population.

“First guns. Then room to grow. When we are a power unto ourselves we can build ships and bring the world to us.”

He was found dead in the early morning. All indications point to his losing his grip from a tall building and falling and that is where the official investigation ends. Many whisper that no Scout would fall and that he must have been murdered by “The Rogue” (a mythical assassin bogey man).


Captain Greentrail

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