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An account of the history of Dara Grim Azgal by Loremaster Anur Stonebeard, foreman of 3rd shift salvage mining operations.

(Around -4500)
Founding of Azgala Azamar (Treasure of Forever), an Dwarven City-State is founded.

(Around -4000)
Fall of Azgala Azamar, Falls to ruin under dark circumstances. The records of the cities name were changed to Gazana Azamar (Wasteland of Forever), it’s unclear if this was a pun or a reference to historical events.

The Stonebastion Oread clan creates a blood pack alliance with the Brasspike clan. Both agree to live under the same laws and work towards common purpose. The Oread took the claim more seriously than the dwarves, but the dwarves never failed to honor it.

(Between 4606 and 4627)
The “Eye of Abendego”, an endless hurricane to the north, starts revealing the sunken city to the world. Explorers begin to report sightings to the larger world.

Baz Ukurum is born into the Stonebastion Oread clan.

(Around 4645)
Dwarven and Oread explorers come to examine freshly revealed submerged ruins on the coast of a thick swamp/jungle. They note a nearby mountain emitting smoke, Mt. Everburning, and opt to establish a village atop the submerged ruins. They name it Dara Grim Azgal, which translates to common tongue as “The wager of unyielding treasure”.

(Around 4650)
Lacking substantial man power the explorers convince the native Grippli to help and integrate them into their society.

(Around 4655)
The grippli, with dwarven supervision, begin to divide themselves into clans and bloodlines: the Merchants (later the Nobles), Scouts, and Academics are founded. Grippli who remain in the wild or who reject the breeding program are called Nativists.

(Around 4656)
First grippli Scouts are entrusted with firearms. Oreads become concerned that the grippli restructuring was enforced/coerced.

Turpin Brassclimber is born as a nativist and adopted into a dwarven family.

Hoofin Yellowspecks is born into the Academics.

Frankfrut Hopsalot is born into the Noble clan.

A large bulk of the Dwarves and Oread are presumed lost exploring the ruins on Mt. Everburning after failing to return.

Tidwell Greentrail is born into the Scouts clan.

(Around 4697)
The Merchants take a more active role in politics and rename themselves to the Nobles.

The Night of Blood and Fires. Trolls attack via causeway and burn village. Areas extensively populated by dwarves are hit the hardest. Few dwarves survive.

(Around 4697)
In the aftermath of the attack the focus of village life becomes pulling up stone to build fire proof structures and reinforcing the causeway defenses. Many clans break from convention and “give over” members to start the Miners clan.

The Gripplis, led by the Nobles, overthrow the dwarven oligarchy. Oreads more or less stay out of the political struggle. They establish a monarchy under Duke Twarn Bluest of Blueskin. All dwarves and Oreads are conscripted to the Miners.

Duke Twarn’s close friend and confidant, Dray Yellowspecks, goes missing after exploring the ruins of Mt. Everburning. The ruins are officially placed off limits.

Dray Yellowspeck’s widow and family take up residence with Duke Twarn. The couple is married within months.

Captain Greentrail, leader of the Scouts is found dead in the middle of Dara Grim Azgal under suspicious circumstances.


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