Dara Grim Azgal

Dara Grim Azgal means “The Wager of Unyeilding Treasure”.

It is a village of Grippli, Oread, and Dwarves. It was founded on the ruins of an ancient dwarven city and the villages founding purpose was as a base camp to excavate and study the ruins.

The city was founded by a dwarven expedition and as such, the political power was originally in the hands of the expedition leader. However, over time as the expedition became more of a community this had to change. The dwarves decided to treat their village as any other dwarven living space. Each clan sent a leader to be a member of The Oligarchy, and this becomes the ruling body. Through all this, the Oread are treated as a single Dwarven clan and given all the rights of any other clan.
When the Gripplis are taken in among the clans they are given a seat on the council, but no vote or political power until in 4655 when they Grippli begin to divide themselves into clans. At first this earns the entire race a single vote. An effort to persuade the Oligarchy that each Grippli clan should have a vote failed to pass.
After the political upheaval of 4698, the Gripplis took control and established rule under a monarch who was given the title of “Duke”.

The city is most built upon a large circular platform. This mass is connected to the land by a stone causeway that vanishes in the undergrowth of the swamp. There are also several other smaller platforms that dot the bay and act as smaller estates/villages/homes. Most of these platforms sit between 10 and 30 feet out of the water, but a few stand 5’ or less out of the water. Additionally, there are many platforms that sit only 5-10 feet under the water, these are a hazard to any large keel vessels entering the bay.

Originally, the city was made out of dismantled ships and lumber from the nearby swamp. However, after the The Night of Blood and Fires the city was rebuilt in stone. The buildings are built high and mostly in columns. There are no stairs and the doors are high off the ground, since the grippli are avid climbers. The notable exception is the Dwarven Hall which was built to house the remaining Dwarves and Oread. It is also the home of the towns most popular tavern.

Dara Grim Azgal

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