Turpin Brassclimber



STR – 7
DEX – 14
CON – 11
INT – 13
WIS – 17
CHA – 7

Cleric: Your standard “stand back and help” class. Get a lot of spells and a lot of flexibility, but few offensive options.
Warpriest: Like a cleric, but more focused on fighting in melee. If you go this way, be sure to pick up fighting finesse or focus on combat maneuvers because your low STR will minimize damage.
Shaman: This is a different option. You are a caster with a focused spell list and the ability to hex people with curses. You would have a familiar who is a conduit for your spells/power.
Gunslinger: This is a fighter with a gun. You high Dex and Wisdom help here. But no healing.

Character Notes
Background: Family died in fiery troll attack.
Personality Positive: Very charitable and giving.
Personality Draw Back: Painfully Shy


Turpin Brassclimber

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